Guest post on The Blended Parent Network

The Blended Parent Network was founded in the summer of 2016 by a couple of likely dads, Luke Woodhouse and David Shaul. Since then it has raced towards its goal; “to become a helpful, engaging, positive environment for ALL families, is driven by a shared passion, to be the best parents we can be.” Continue reading “Guest post on The Blended Parent Network”

Beer and Babysitting

Funny Story: So me and the little dude were at a local soft play center. They had a little swing gate between the toddler and baby areas. He loves gates, doors… pretty much anything that moves that he can control the movement of. It does get boring sometimes, not being able to pass a door but having noticed the obsession I used it as an early lesson into how not to get your fingers trapped and he never has. Continue reading “Beer and Babysitting”

#TheDaddyTag Challenge

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Are you a Stay at Home Daddy or a Working Daddy?

Working Daddy: I work full-time on a strange shift pattern which has been made very flexible by my family friendly employer and kind boss. My wife works full-time also. She works Monday to Friday with 3 days from her office and two days from home. We arrange our shifts around each other which was a bit complicated to set up but now it means that can cover all the childcare between us and still have family time. This is a great balance as we get plenty of one to one time with the little man and everything else is the three of us. The sacrifice? Personal time. Boo Hoo. I’d much rather spend time with them anyway. Continue reading “#TheDaddyTag Challenge”

What’s the point in wearing wellies?

IMG_20160419_074522Buying new shoes is always a drama. It is usually a two stage thing. Check the size on one visit, then buy shoes without trying and take them home or attempt a second visit for the fitting. Especially when buying wellies. Continue reading “What’s the point in wearing wellies?”