DIY Daddy’s Brilliant Dad Feature – Week 115 is Me!

If you are reading this and you haven’t heard of Nigel Higgins then one of two things is true. Either Google is broken or we are friends and you are reading my blog out of misplaced loyalty or I’ve finally badgered you into submission.

Nigel is the original Brilliant Dad. He is a working father of five including twins. His blog DIY Daddy (don’t worry, the link is coming up) is a source of constant inspiration to me. He is also always on hand to offer advice, encouragement and guidance when I get stuck on something and if he doesn’t know, his blogger wife Emily certainly will.

DIY Daddy Blog


So when Nigel invited me to take part in his “Brilliant Dad” feature I was both honoured and humbled. Of course I agreed. So grab yourselves some popcorn and a box of tissues and have a read of this. (that was the link).

One thought on “DIY Daddy’s Brilliant Dad Feature – Week 115 is Me!”

  1. Wow Issac, I’m gobsmacked. This is so kind of you I really honoured and humbled by this, lost for words mate thank you so much.
    Sorry about The badge the code is a pain at the moment probably best to just screenshot it in. Need to sort.

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