Better coffee please.

imageParents need, love, require good coffee. I didn’t drink coffee until I became a parent. I couldn’t stand it. Loved the smell though, always have. But I didn’t even like coffee chocolates. I considered a bag of Revels™ to be like Russian Roulette. Slowly though and probably through necessity (and the gentle persuasion of Mummy who was only a couple of months ahead of me as a convert) I was drawn in. Mocca at first, then the flavoured lattes and now, well it’s still the flavoured lattes. Vanilla by preference.

I will pay pretty much whatever the vendor feels the need to charge (including the 50p for a splash of flavour). It stings, but then the taste kicks in and the anticipation that I may, for a small while at least, be able to keep up with the frankly freakish, relentless energy and appetite for mayhem of the little man. I can finally understand that scene in Ally McBeal.

My issue is this. We go to kids attractions a lot. When I finally pull my finger out and start writing about them you’ll see. That was the whole point of starting this blog. To review and recommend the places we go both as a family but more importantly when it’s just the little man and I. In the case of the latter the crux of this post is all the more vital. Most of the places we go charge near enough the same amount for parent fuel. Yet what you receive can vary enormously. I have to say that the small soft play centers seem to be much better at making a good cup. The two that we frequent most are exceptional. Maybe there’s something in that? I have had some shockers at the larger attractions though. Zoos, Theme Parks and highly, highly rated, award-winning local places. I’m not going to shame them here. It really isn’t difficult to get it right. The problem is that I (and I suspect most parents) will buy whatever is being offered, because we NEED it. We can’t boycott it and we can’t bring a flask.. urgh. So these establishments are not encouraged to provide anything better, because we buy it anyway.

So I guess it comes down to this, begging. If you are reading this and you own, manage or work in one of these places and you have read my review (some time in the future… ATOW) please, please can I have a nice cup of coffee? Not too hot, not in a plastic cup (paper is okay) with a LID! (you know who you are!!) I’m not going to be sitting down, I’m going to be attempting to keep up with Chris Akabusi jnr. and I don’t want any risk of spillage anywhere near my baby. Can I have a splash of syrup? (and whipped cream and a flake…. too much?) You can even put the price up for all I care.  Lastly, can it be made by someone who actually drinks coffee or better still, a parent.

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