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bdOn 28th July 2016 I was contacted by a company and asked if I would like to review one of their products in return for cake. My opinion… for cake. Well, I had to think about it obviously. 42 seconds later I said yes. (I’m a slow typer). That was 2 months ago. Sorry guys! You see the problem is I am a full-time working parent with a full-time working wife and no additional childcare. (No violins, that’s 100% our choice and we wouldn’t change it). I’m telling myself that’s the reason, but if I’m honest, it’s the excuse and there is a difference, (I think PokemonGO has a lot to answer for). I’ve been wanting to write this as soon as I got the cake but I have no idea where I was going to get the time from. There just never seems time for anything. I said to myself okay, when little man starts pre-school I’ll have a spare 3 hours but in reality after taking his mum to work too there’s only 2. But he’s been there for four weeks and I am only now sitting down to do it. I prioritise my time like this. Family time first. Work time second (scheduled obviously). Chores third. Me time (writing my blog and making videos for the channel) last. Which is a damn shame because I love it. But if it seems like I have precious little time to blog, do you know what I have even less time for? Making cake.

I am hopeless at letting people know I’ve remembered their birthday. I always remember but I forget to send a card in time or book time off for parties etc. I am a massive fan of companies like Moonpig where I can get all organised and book way in advance to send something important. Well imagine if there was a moonpig for cakes… Are you sitting down….

Baker Days are exactly that. You can even upload a photo and they will turn it into icing. WHAT?!?!?! I know. You go on the website. Click the size and style you want, upload your picture and details and they send the cake through the post in a padded tin (#letterboxcake) to the recipient complete with candles, a card, a party whistle and even balloons.


Order before 2 pm and they guarantee next day delivery so you can be as organised as me and still get one there in time.

They say their cakes stay fresh for 14 days so I decided to give that a test. I left the cake for the fourteen days before we tried it. This was totally intentional of course. Nothing to do with my hair brained idea to make a video about the experience which evolved into me taking the cake to a few of my chef buddies (no name dropping as it didn’t materialise). Anyway on the fourteenth day we opened the cake and scoffed it. I can confirm the 14 day claim was upheld.

The cake itself is great. We went for the vanilla but there are several options. The novelty will not wear off. No-one will be expecting a cake through their door. It’s a perfect tea time cake. I wouldn’t say it will be the main party piece cake but I cannot speak of their larger cakes as I know they have several recipes. I was super impressed with the company, the concept and probably most importantly the cake. Well done guys I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone.


phone: 01623 867160

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