Father’s Day without our YippieYo Crossbuggy. What were we thinking?

Heading off for an adventure weekend away with the kids? Don’t make the same mistake we did. We forgot to take our Cross Buggy. Doh!

We did have a great weekend though. My wife took the Friday off and, as is seeming to evolve into a family tradition, we went away for father’s day. We had a bunch of Tesco’s boost vouchers and the Dad’s go free discount to take advantage of so we headed West. Saturday was spent at the fantastic Wicksteed Park which I think deserves its own post. If you can’t wait for that, then take my word for it, It’s great. You can exchange Tesco’s boost days out vouchers for ride tickets (however I’d recommend the wristbands for the kids [not eligible for Tesco boost] and tickets for the adults for when you have to accompany kids under 120cm).

On the Sunday, the main event, we went to Gulliver’s Land, which probably also warrants it’s own post for different reasons but I’ve already written a Google review so that’ll do for now. (nutshell; less great but still enjoyable)

The little man has been out of his pushchair for quite a while now. Towards the end, it was just something to lug our stuff around in and maybe the occasional afternoon nap. But when we realised that if we really prioritised what we needed, a small rucksack would suffice.

That said there has been more than the odd occasion when we’ve really missed it. The 90 minute queue at the passport desk at East Midlands airport at 11:30pm when my 18kg son was asleep on my shoulder… for example. Although I never refuse a cuddle.

Or while at lunch at Gulliver’s when he fell asleep on his mum’s lap meaning we had to sit there for forty minutes when we could have been wandering around or finding a nice sunny spot to make the most of our breather.

So why did we need our forgotten YippieYo Crossbuggy? How can I describe it? It’s a chariot. A dad fuelled (in our case) armchair on wheels with room for two little people and space for luggage. It’s own matching luggage no less, well, a top quality changing bag at least. I have one of these. It is light to pull (although not to carry). It has large, well damped wheels making it a very smooth ride and it folds up smaller than you may think. It’s primary purpose is to offer rest to little walkers without necessitating a pause in progress for the adults when you’ve got ground to cover. I can’t imagine anyone substituting a pushchair for one of these, but it certainly is a top option if you still want a stop gap before they’re fully independent.

I regularly see parents really struggling at family parks trying to drag their small wheeled pushchairs through gravel or over jutting tree roots. This is simply not an issue with the Crossbuggy. It tackles obstacles like an enthusiastic mountain bike. This is as close to all terrain as you are going to get with a kid transporter.

So with such an awesome piece of kit at our disposal, and probably enough room in the car, why didn’t I take it? I do know this, I won’t make the same mistake again.


This is a collaborative post. YippieYo sent me the Cross Buggy to review. This will form a mini series across the blog and our social media channels.

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