Who in their right mind is up at silly o’clock when they could and really should be asleep? I only had one little coffee and that was hours ago. Anyway, since I’m up I might as well let you know what’s on my mind… Welcome to Daddy Days.

I’m usually mulling over places we’ve been, people we’ve met, challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve overcome them. I occasionally come across something so great I simply have to tell you about it right now. Of course, you probably already know but being late to the party doesn’t stop me dancing.

That’s us above, (although we’ll need to update that picture an a few months… Shhh it’s supposed to be a secret). We both work full-time and the little man is in pre-school. I work shifts and Mummy works office hours but thanks to some very understanding and flexible employers, we manage to work around it so that we need no additional childcare. This, of course, has its challenges, but plenty of coffee and very family focused priorities mean we wouldn’t have it any other way… except for maybe a lottery win.